The hotel

Celebrate ``festivals`` and days

Whether privately or professionally – we take care of your event. Our guests should feel comfortable – we plan and prepare, we serve and look after your guests – as previously discussed in detail with you. Whether it’s a birthday, baptism, wedding or anniversary, whether a conference, lecture, workshop or business meeting, we ensure that everything runs smoothly.

For your celebration or event, we offer a large hall and club rooms – rooms of “very small” and up to 200 people are available.

Here we offer:

  • Menu suggestions for day and banquet events.
  • diverse ideas for the organization of your event.
  • Realization of equipment, music and entertainment.
    Our “heart”, the kitchen, is well prepared for a wide variety of wishes. For a small menu or an elaborate banquet – we offer solutions that you will enjoy.
  • . . . ask what we can do for you!